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A Spring Day

So much to do, so little desire

There are so many opportunities a nice Spring day brings to me, and it’s difficult picking which ones to do — I think I want to do it all; I feel like I can conquer the world, and I start the day with a boost of caffiene, and and then I get ready to get on with some tasks.

But, my next action is a hard choice. Do I want to finish the faux paint job in my living room or clean the patio? I rented a dry-cleaner for my carpet, so maybe I should do that, I’m thinking instead. And, the pond pump needs cleaning which is very important, as well. Oh, the weather is so nice, I should do things that put me outside. Yes! That’s it! I know where to start, don’t I?

So, why am I in the house at my computer typing this instead? I ask myself in complete wonder at how ridiculous this is. Well, I just looked outside my open window at the tall trees surrounding my view, felt the breeze cross my face, and knew I could have it all — the work I love, and the outdoors while I do it!

I’m having a nice day, hope you are too.

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