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Featured Media Highlights

TV & Radio
THE MOTHER LOVE SHOW (LA TALK RADIO)Dec 5, 2014Mother Love talks to Cyndi Seidler about her new in-school apprenticeship & mentor program.
BLOG TALK RADIOJan 17, 2011Interview on Help2Succeed" radio show hosted by Sharon Beth
CBS MORNING NEWSNov. 15, 2005Featured segment: Cyndi Seidler with client providing advice on organized mornings reduces stress. (CBS reporter Jennifer Davis)
ABC-7 NEWSMar 31, 2005Featured segment: Cyndi Seidler shows legendary rock musician Spencer Davis how to manage his papers for tax time.
STARTING OVER (NBC)Dec. 17, 2004Cyndi Seidler gives Denise organizing advice
PAT CROCE MOVING IN (FOX)Sep. 13, 2004Episode features Cyndi Seidler and team organize a woman's cluttered apartment
GET WISE-GET ORGANIZED (radio show)Apr 19, 2004Cyndi Seidler interviewed, World Talk Radio
MAKING IT (KTLA-5)Oct. 2003Cyndi Seidler giving organizing tips in Episode #454: GETTING IT TOGETHER THROUGH ORGANIZATION
KTLA-5 MORNING NEWSOct. 2002Featured segment with Cyndi Seidler with TV News Anchor Gayle Anderson
SMART SOLUTIONS (HGTV)Jan. 21, 2002Featured segment: Cyndi demonstrating methods for organizing greeting cards, hosted by Maty Monfort.
SMART SOLUTIONS (HGTV)Nov 12, 2001Featured segment: Cyndi demonstrating how to organize a junk drawer, hosted by Maty Monfort.
NBC NEWS @ 11Oct 11, 2001Featured segment: Cyndi providing tips on organizing for the holidays.
NBC NEWS @ 11Aug 29, 2001Featured segment: Cyndi providing tips for organizing a home study area.
TV tour Apr 2001Features Cyndi's organizing tips: Good Morning Arizona/Warner Bros., Phoenix Good Day Dallas/ABC, Dallas Sunday Morning News/ABC Chicago Ch. 3 News This Morning/NBC, Cleveland Ch. 4 News @ Noon/NBC, St. Louis Fox 2 News This Morning, Detroit News 10 Today/NBC, Philadelphia Saturday Morning News/ABC Seattle Midday News/NBC, Los Angeles Good Day Sacramento/KMAX 31
INTO CLOSETS WITH KATHY IRELAND (HGTV)Oct 22, 2000This HGTV special featured a segment with Cyndi re-organizing a messy closet.
NBC NEWSSep 28, 2000Featured segment: Cyndi at home showing how to utilize space.
KMSX-FM (Radio) Aug. 2000The Mix 95.7 in San Diego with Linda Welby interviewed Cyndi
CNN HEADLINE NEWS Jul 7, 2000Featuring Cyndi with Billy Sheehan, on how celebrities utilize professional organizers. Watch videoorRead Transcript
NBC NEWSFeb 24, 2000Featured segment: Cyndi giving organizing tips to broadcast reporter, Tracie Potts.
KWAB RADIO Jan 23, 2000Cyndi interviewed on show "That's Life" with Ellen Mahoney
ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (NBC)Apr 27, 1997Featured segment: The NBC program presented Professional Organizer, Cyndi with her client Sinbad, in their segment of "Celebrity Services." She was referred to as "Organizer to the stars"
THE JIM DANIELS SHOW (KLOS RADIO) Sep 1996The radio talk show invited Cyndi to talk about organizing methods and consult callers about how they can get better organized for the national "Get Organized Week" in October 1996.
CNN HEADLINE NEWSMar 1, 1996Announces March is Stress Awareness Month and quotes Cyndi with, "Getting organized can reduce stress"

Magazines & Newspapers

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWSMay 2015"Tips For A Successful Yard Sale" by Sandra Barrera
HGTV.comApril 2015"5 Disorder Disasters: Organized" by Liz Gray
TODAY.comApril 2014"Spring cleaning! 10 things you should throw out right now" by Alesandra Dubin
IN STYLE MAGAZINENov 2014Tips by Cyndi Seidler
WOMAN'S DAY MAGAZINENov 15, 2005Cyndi Seidler provides specialized resources on where to donate your belongings
TODAY MAGAZINE2004Monthly column 2004
WOMAN'S DAY MAGAZINEDec. 2004"Order In The House"
GREAT FALLS TRIBUNEDec. 2004"Conquering Clutter"
AZ CENTRALOct. 2004"Organize Without Hiding Your Style"
QUAD CITY TIMESSep 18, 2004"Retailers Offer Storage Units for Decluttering"
SEATTLE TIMESSep 26, 2004"Organize and Revamp Your Home for Decluttering"
BUSINESS INFORMANTJun 26, 2004"Professional Organizer is the Home Office 'HandyGirl' for Business Owner with Clutter Issues"
CAROLYN HEINZE BLOGMay 21, 2004"Cleanliness is Next to...Sexiness?"
THE DAILY ADVERTISERMay 2004"10 Ways to Get Started and Reduce the Mess"
THE NOBLESVILLE LEDGERMar. 2004"Cut The Clutter With Style"
ISLAND PACKETFeb. 2004"Don't Take Your Drawer for Granted"
ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGIAN Jan 22, 2004"Organize Your Life"
WORKING MOTHER MAGAZINEDec. 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
THE CITIZEN NEWSOct. 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
REALTOR MAGAZINE Oct. 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINEAug. 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
THE SUN NEWS June 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
WOMAN'S DAY MAGAZINEFeb. 2003Article featuring Cyndi's tips
CREDIT UNION MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE Nov. 2002Article featuring Cyndi's tips
WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE Sept 2002Article featuring Cyndi's tips
FIRST FOR WOMEN MAGAZINEJune 2002Article featuring Cyndi's tips
WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE May 21, 2002 "6 Sneaky Ways To Fake A Perfectly Clean House"
GLENDALE NEWS PRESSApr 29, 2002"Getting Things In Order"
GREEN VALLEY NEWSApr 17, 2002"Cluttered desk adds unnecessary stress "
BURBANK LEADERApr 24, 2002Feature story
INDIANAPOLIS STAR Feb 11, 2002 "Family Planning" by Ellen Miller
WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE Jan 29, 2002Article featuring Cyndi's tips
INDIANAPOLIS STAR2001"Organized Living With Cyndi Seidler" -Weekly column by Cyndi Seidler
WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINEApr 2001Article featuring Cyndi's tips
HOME BUSINESS JOURNAL MAGAZINEMar/Apr 2001Feature story by staff writer
MONROVIA WEEKLYSep 21-27, 2000Feature story by staff writer
WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINEMay 16, 2000Article featuring Cyndi's tips
LA TIMES, Valley SpotlightApr 16, 1999Columnist, Patricia Ward Biederman, features Cyndi in article, "Menaced by Mess? Cowed by Clutter? Don't Fret, Help is Available"
THE OBSERVER Aug 27, 1997Feature story by staff writer
LA TIMESJun 8, 1997by Scott Harris
DAILY NEWSJul 12, 1996By Staff writer Lee Condon
AMERICAN EAGLE NEWSJun 20, 1996Feature story by staff writer
TOLUCANOct 18, 1995Feature story by staff writer