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On Being An Organization Lifestylist


When my career evolved as a professional organizer, it evolved into the art of interior decorating and matching decor and function with a person’s lifestyle. That’s when I decided to call myself a Lifestylist.

It’s actually not a new word and came along way before I adopted it as a career title. Other Lifestylists focus on specific subject matter (fashion, home design, cooking, gardening, beauty and health) while others are more general lifestylists. The thing that binds us all is that we style a person’s life.

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An Organized Affair

Arranging a Gathering I never really gave it much thought when planning to meet friends somewhere, like a movie, but when I watched someone else arrange it (which was very nice, by the way), I witnessed all the elements come into play. And, it played out like a well planned event. The organizer of this […]

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Money in Clutter

Clean ups offer rewards Once again, I found money while clearing clutter from a room. It’s not that it happens once in a while, or with one out of five clients — it happens all the time, and that’s five out of five clients! Sometimes it is only coins that total a few bucks, and […]

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Organized Days

Today’s To Do My days have contained more variables than usual, and it’s always been up to my List to keep me focused. It can be disheartening when you’ve got your day planned, you’re going along checking things off the list, and then suddenly “things” happen. Although this is not an uncommon occurrence for people, […]

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Stretched Thin

When “I Will” Becomes Too Much Some of us tend to lead busy lives, working long hours, managing our homes and families, partaking in special projects, and fitting in a little social time with friends. People see how effective we are and come to us for certain things. We want to get involved and say […]

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Changing Minds

Do People Who Let Go of Stuff, Really Let Go? Just when I thought my client was happy to get rid of so many things that cluttered her small apartment and clothes closet, and just when she released the items in my care to dispose of them by either selling or donating, that I find […]

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When Kids Move

Children Who Move Out of State Can Put Parents In a State The news of my daughter moving to NY came only a little over a week ago. The shock hasn’t worn off yet, although I thought I’d have time to adjust. But no. She’s making the move next week. How can she do that […]

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Makeovers That Go Over

I love doing room makeovers and, as I develop my design plan, I feel like I’m painting a masterpiece. Then, with everything in place to move forward, a budget is set that includes bringing all the elements together. And, that’s part of the beginning. With planning almost complete, getting final approvals can turn into the […]

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