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Lost and Found

The Case of Missing Items

Dear Watson,

Your reputation as a great detective is what leads me to write you. You see, I keep a rather organized house and try to keep everything in its place. When I use something, I put it back. When I’m finished with doing something, I put it away. Therefore, I know where to go when I need something. But, not lately.

In the past week, I have had to hunt for my portable phone; I seem to be missing pens from my desk; my drinking glasses are diminishing to the point I am using coffee cups to drink out of.

Not only that, but I’m finding things where they don’t belong. I find magazines on the sofa; hair dryers on my bathroom countertop; loose notes lying about; clothes thrown on chairs … to mention a few oddities.

My daughter has been staying with me for the past week before her move to NY. She’s hardly around much, so I haven’t been able to question her yet.

I’m still looking for the tv remote … and hope to find some clues to solve this mystery.

Yours truly,

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