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When Kids Move

Children Who Move Out of State
Can Put Parents In a State

The news of my daughter moving to NY came only a little over a week ago. The shock hasn’t worn off yet, although I thought I’d have time to adjust. But no. She’s making the move next week.

How can she do that so quickly? I asked myself. Young kids seem to do things that most older adults are incapable of, because I, personally, could never plan a move from conception of the plan to implementation of it in that amount of time, especially to another state!

I find myself panic-striken over it, and have tried to gain a sense of composure about it. Yet, I know I should be calm. Because, it seems that, within one week, she has managed to find a place to live temporarily when she arrives there, has three job interviews lined up, sold all her furniture and a bulk of her other belongings, and packed everything up to fit into a few suitcases and some boxes she’ll store and have shipped later.

Wow, how did she do that?! I guess it’s amazing what a person can do when they follow their dream and have a purpose. It clearly shows we are capable of anything if we want it bad enough.

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