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An Organized Affair

Arranging a Gathering

I never really gave it much thought when planning to meet friends somewhere, like a movie, but when I watched someone else arrange it (which was very nice, by the way), I witnessed all the elements come into play. And, it played out like a well planned event.

The organizer of this movie-gathering called everyone in advance about the movie selection and the date, and had us all mark our calendars. Reminder calls and emails followed, along with further details involving the time and meeting place. Ticket purchases for everyone was assigned to one person who would get them early that day. Brillant, as the movie was on opening weekend and predicted to be sold out. Two other people were assigned to arrive early and get in line.

It all came together so smoothly and flawlessly. This says a lot for what a little planning can do and having someone in charge of an activity. The movie was good, too.

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