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Changing Minds

Do People Who Let Go of Stuff,
Really Let Go?

Just when I thought my client was happy to get rid of so many things that cluttered her small apartment and clothes closet, and just when she released the items in my care to dispose of them by either selling or donating, that I find out (days later) she wants them back.

The thing is, she doesn’t want them back to keep — she wants to sell them herself. So, now she’s faced with having to drive here to pick up the items, organize a garage sale, and try to dispose of the unsold items afterwards. That’s a lot of work for someone who didn’t have time to get herself organized in the first place (and for someone who doesn’t have a garage or yard). And where is she going to put all these things when she returns home with them?

So, I wonder, is she really planning to get rid of the items? Is she going through stuff-withdrawals? When she mentioned to me that she got rid of things she didn’t really want to get rid of, it makes me wonder what the motives really are.

I only wish now that I had taken the stuff to Goodwill before she called. That way, she could just get on with her life and find out it’s a lot easier to keep it simple.

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