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Easy Way to Spend Money

Are we spending, or paying?

This is the question that only makes sense when we determine if we’re spending because we want to buy something or paying because we’re forced to. Why then do some people choose to pay more than they would have initially if they paid on time? Isn’t paying enough; why pay more?

This is what was going through my head as I sat in traffic court yesterday. While waiting my turn to make my plea and get a hearing date, many others came up before me facing the judge with warranties and collections from non-payment of tickets that doubled their intial ticket cost. The additional fines for court costs didn’t help matters any either. That’s paying.

Today is the deadline for filing taxes. It goes without question that many individuals will not file on time, have filed extensions, and maybe even not file at all. The penalties and fines will cost them. That’s paying.

And, do I even need to mention people who don’t pay their bills on time and get charged late fees? That’s paying.

It’s a price that would make any sales price loose its value. This equates to a bad deal. I know many of us have gone shopping, found something we wanted to buy, waited a few days, and then the price was higher when you went to buy it. It’s not like being fined additional costs, but we lost the savings.

I suppose many people could save money if they organized their papers and bills so matters were taken care of on time. They would save on late fees and penalty fines, and that would be a savings, wouldn’t it?



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