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Eco-style – Live Smarter,more organized and eco-friendly lifestyles

With all the clever techniques to living smarter, more organized lifestyles, it’s time to go a step further and get organized with style — eco-style, that is.

My newest campaign is to not only help people get organized, but to help them get “eco-organized.” That means developing certain habits of recycling and utilizing recyclable material to preserve our natural resources.

What most people don’t realize about clutter is that it is unhealthy. They just see it as a nuisance or interference. However, truth is, clutter collects dust and dust is not healthy for us to breath.

Clutter isn’t the only thing threatening our well-being. Junk that accumulates and sits around without meaning, use, function, or value makes our lives more difficult.

A good “junk sweep” helps people let go of belongings they no longer need, helping to streamline their living environments. Some of this junk can be recycled — given to a charity that will distribute it or selling it at garage sales or Ebay.

Then, we get into buying habits. Often times when people get rid of things, they need or want to replace it with something else (like, a new piece of furniture that is more functional, for example). Eco-style is about recycled merchandise. Why buy a brand new coffee table when you can get an old one and refinish it? Why go out and get an expensive new sofa rather than a used one that can be reupholstered or covered?

Become eco-organized and start practicing organic and recycled living. That means clear out the clutter, get rid of the junk, and buy what you need for organized living from recycled material!

Cyndi Seidler
The Eco-organizer



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