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Having Stuff

Stuff for Stuff’s Sake

My father sent me a USA Today article highlighting TLC’s Clean Sweep’s professional organizer Peter Walsh, and features his home to show that he practices what he preaches. Since I follow his philosophy on stuff, I wanted to share some quotes from the article.

  • “I’m very careful not to fill my life with stuff for stuff’s sake…It’s about surrounding yourself with the things you love, you use, you need.”
  • “His home is “a mix of genuine mid-century stuff with inexpensive stuff that just works.”
  • “As far as design goes, the Japanese have a lot of it nailed. It’s about simplicity, and it’s about honoring the stuff that you have.”
  • “Two paintings hang side by side “Think about it” and “Don’t even think about it.” …it sort of typifies the idea of buying stuff vs. not buying stuff.”
  • “During his own rennovation, Walsh stored a bunch of belongings in a spare bedroom for almost a year and discovered that he didn’t even miss them.
  • “That was a really a good reality check for me. So, I clean-sweeped myself over a couple of weekends.”
  • “I don’t get my happiness from the stuff I have. It enhances my life, and it makes me smile when I look at the things that I value or treasure.”

Wow, he’s taken the words out of my mouth, as I often say to people that a room should smile at you when you enter it; a drawer should smile at you when you open it. I like how that man thinks.

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