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Getting Malled at Malls

Those who truly value their sanity are staying away from the holiday Mall shopping. My bank teller told me that she heard about this woman who drove around this mall parking lot looking for a parking spot, and just kept driving up and down the isles, watching other cars pull into newly vacated spots she just missed because the line of cars she got behind in the next isle got there first. Her stress level was rising and this was before she even entered the mall!

Approximately 30 minutes later, she got into the building and the crowd of people were such that she felt driven to yell into a store at a clerk there and plead, “Just throw something out — anything!”

While the malls and large department stores might be a good one-stop shopping endeavor, it may not be worth it. I suggest, if you must go out and shop, to try retail stores in small shopping strips, or along boulevards with a variety of specialty shops.

As for myself, I’m a stay-at-home shopper and going to let my fingers do the walking… thank you Internet!