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Stretched Thin

When “I Will” Becomes Too Much

Some of us tend to lead busy lives, working long hours, managing our homes and families, partaking in special projects, and fitting in a little social time with friends. People see how effective we are and come to us for certain things. We want to get involved and say “I will.” And sometimes, we can fit it in.

It’s the times we say “I will” over an already full agenda that we find ourselves over-extended and end up having to say “I can’t.” However, it doesn’t have to work that way.

I, for one, tend to say “I will” because I like to help, and I’ll take on something I’m passionate about or just like doing. Occassionally, this puts me in a tight situation of juggling too many activities, but I do know when to say “I can’t” when I know I can’t.

Tonight I went to our neighborhood association meeting and found myself volunteering to help organize a concert in the park. It isn’t just any park — it’s our park. I didn’t think about the projects and work load I already carried, I just wanted to help. And, this isn’t a bad thing. I’ll just have to manage every minute of my day as efficiently as possible.

This is where a lot of people fall off the rails. Managing time and projects within time can be challenging, but fun. If this can’t be done, we over-extend ourselves. After all, multi-tasking is only effective as long as we can remain focused.

Now’s the time, more than ever, for me to practice what I preach — I’ve got a lot to do!



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